In summary patients who have private health insurance are more than welcome but please read below for more information.

These days there seems to be an ever increasing number of private health care insurance providers operating in the UK and many also include acupuncture therapy as a patient choice. Policies vary considerably and it is therefore most important to seek complete clarification of your exact terms and conditions and read any small print regarding your benefits.

Some policies especially ones that are organised by employers may include a provision for employees to receive a certain number of chosen treatments annually. For example each employee has a budget to spend if they so choose  on a therapy which they consider is a benefit to them providing that it is listed as an approved therapy by the insurer. A previously stated always check your policy for clauses.

In general they will only allow claims if you choose a practitioner who is a member of the BAcC or BMAS organisation. This makes sense as you can be assured that the practitioner will be qualified, be insured, and adheres to a strict UK code of practice enforced by those organisations. The insurer will ask for the practitioner’s registration number and this will be provided together with a  receipt after you have been treated at the Sutton Coldfield practice.

The patient will first pay the practitioner at the end of each session and will then submit a claim to the insurer to recover the costs of the treatment. It is not possible to have treatment on credit and expect the practitioner to attempt to reclaim the fees direct from the insurer.