Please note I am no longer accepting any new patients at this clinic. If you have previously been a patient of mine please contact me and I will discuss options including my Wolverhampton Clinic.


Perhaps you or someone you know has already experienced a positive outcome from Acupuncture in the past and are looking for a local practitioner based in the Sutton Coldfield Area. Or maybe you are unsure and need some advice first.

Many people still consider acupuncture as the last resort but Traditional Chinese medicine has always placed an emphasis on prevention and treatment of the person as a whole.

Acupuncture Suton ColdfieldAcupuncture seeks to re-establish the natural harmony between mind, body, and emotions to enhance our overall wellbeing

The practitioner will determine your unique constitution and design a specific treatment plan for you as an individual.

People seek acupuncture for a wide range of conditions and you are more that welcome to call and discuss any issues that may be concerning you.

If you are anxious regarding needles then Acupressure and Elecro-Stimulation can be used in many cases.This does not pierce the skin at all.

Electo-Acupuncture is also available, this is where a small electrical stimulus is applied to the needle. Generally this is used with muscular issues,  for example a muscle that is in spasm